Self – Confidence

 There were countless failures in the life of Abraham Lincoln.

  • When he was 7 years old, his family 
    was forced out of home on a legal dispute.
  • At 9, his mother died.
  • At 22, he lost his job as a clerk.
  • At 25, he was defeated in a legislature election. 
  • At 27, he had nervous breakdown.
  • At 28, he lost his beloved.
  • At 30, he lost the election for the post of a speaker.
  •  At 35, he lost the Congress election.
  • At 46, he lost the Senatorial elections- around the same time he lost his son. 
  • At 47, he lost the Vice Presidential elections.

These failures could not shake his self-confidence! 

  • At 52, he became the President of USA.

 So, please do not allow the past to damage your self-confidence!

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